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Contact us now for mental health support.  The initial session is FREE, either on the phone or online.  Face-to-face sessions are also available in Southampton, Eastleigh and Winchester.

 Ling Salter - Wellbeing Mentor

Experiencing challenges to your mental health?  At Compassionate Cuppa, we:





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Be Supported Your Way with Compassionate Cuppa

Experiencing challenges to your mental health?  Waiting for therapy, not sure or been recently discharged from services or seeking further support to help you recover?  If you are stressed with anxiety, depression or both, we can help you in your journey towards a sense of wellbeing.


The concept of talking over a good cuppa and combining it with compassion - the intention of alleviating someone else's suffering through kindness.  Connecting in a safe space can help you feel less alone in your experience.  We explore the possible.  It's the doing bit towards positive change can often be the hardest.  This is why we also offer practical support.  This encourages you towards taking those first few steps.  The mentoring and doing together makes Compassionate Cuppa the outstanding choice for your wellbeing. .

“When my anxiety levels began to spiral out of control and I felt myself sliding into depression I started to work with Ling.

 I had lost my confidence and felt fragile and vulnerable.  Ling helped me to accept what was happening and encouraged me to share my fears and feelings.

The non-judgemental, supportive help I received has enabled me to be kinder to myself, to think about my needs and take steps to re-build my emotional resilience.”

Claire, Southampton

This badge is issued to Social Enterprises that meet their criteria.  We are a Community Interest Company!  Mental health and wellbeing are the priorities in our business activities for the benefit of the community.  Therefore we are registered on their directory

Southampton Mental Health Network Member

Compassionate Cuppa is a proud member of Southampton Mental Health Network.  It's mission is to make Southampton the first city to be 'Mental Health Friendly' in the UK.  Different organisations and individuals can become members to work together to fulfill this mission.  The Network was started up by Annie Chewlow, Manager of Communicare.  More information about Southampton Mental Health Network can be located  at

Mental Health Media Charter

There is power in imagery and language which we use responsibly to help educate and reduce stigma regarding mental health. The use of some words matter, particularly if it perpetuates certain stereotypes or judgements. This can cause damage or hurt to the very people we are trying to help.


The Mental Health Media Charter is a symbol of the responsibilities we have signed up to, developed by Natasha Devon MBE.

Full details of the Charter is at:

Compassionate Cuppa offers mentoring to individuals who experience challenges with their mental health and wellbeing.  Therefore, it is important that we have access to professional reflective practice, which helps us keep well to do the work supporting others in their mental distress.  Thriving Facilitators is run by Dr Sheila Preston at

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