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We are lucky enough to be participating in two social enterprise programmes!  Aster Foundation is part of The Aster Group Housing Association, their inc. programme inspires social entrepreneurs to build businesses that make a difference and change the world for the better.  To find out more, visit: www.aster.co.uk/foundation/inc.
We are proud to be a Community Interest Company, where we put our purpose at the forefront of our activities.  Our priorities are to uplift mental wellbeing in the community so that you 'Feel Better, Live Life Well'.  We are registered with Social Enterprise UK on their directory as a business for Social Good!  

Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Certification

The nature of our work means that we are likely to be working with either individuals or groups that may be deemed vulnerable.  This certification is to give reassurance that checks have been undertaken and reviewed on a regular basis. 

Southampton Mental Health Network Member

Compassionate Cuppa where it's mission is to make Southampton the first city to be 'Mental Health Friendly' in the UK.  Further information about Southampton Mental Health Network can be located  at https://communicareinsouthampton.org.uk/mental-health-network/

There is power in imagery and language which we use responsibly to help educate and reduce stigma regarding mental health.  The Mental Health Media Charter is a symbol of the responsibilities we have signed up to, developed by Natasha Devon MBE.  Click on the logo above to find out more.

We care recognise the huge talent people with disabilities can bring, thus committed towards removing the obstacles they may face in the workplace.  More information about The Disability Confident Scheme click on the above logo. 

Our Directors

Disability Advice Independence Support Company Logo

Sonya Collins shares nearly all our social media posts of Compassionate Cuppa!  Together, we are advocates fighting to support individuals living with a disability.  Sonya runs DAIS CIC, which helps individuals with forms such as Personal Independence Payments and Personal Health Budgets.  For further information, click on the above logo. 

The Book-Keeping Team Company Logo

Kevin Jarvis has been generous with his time and expertise around the keeping requirements for Compassionate Cuppa!  A man with great sense of humour and a big heart to help small businesses and charities.  Click on the above logo for further information on The Book-Keeping Team.

Our third Director is Tim Underwood - he is a friend and has helped with Compassionate Cuppa's design graphics and printing.  Tim has been a supporter of Compassionate Cuppa since it's start and we are very grateful for his involvement.  

Our Benefactor

Board in the City CIC Company Logo

Board in the City CIC (BitC) is a board game cafe in Southampton.  Their activities are aimed around education and alleviating social isolation through creation and play.  They also provide employment and training opportunities to individuals with disabilities.  Click on the BitC logo to find out more.

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