Ling Salter - Wellbeing Mentor

Previously a mental health nurse, I have over 17 years of working in Health & Social Care.  Having worked and volunteered in many different environments, I learnt that compassion is one of the best ways to help others as well as myself.


I live in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire with my husband and 2 cats, Faith and Willow.


My interests include practising Tai Chi, Yin Yoga and meditation.  I also practise Jikiden Reiki, to help people heal.  My fitness hobbies include running (Couch to 5K) and Zumba.


I enjoy visiting Pewsey in Wiltshire, where I like taking walks with a good friend who lives there.  Being outdoors amongst nature helps me rejuvenate.

Compassionate Cuppa was created because I truly believe to support people at the level they really need, one needs to be there with them to listen to find what they need that's helpful for them specifically.  

Ling being interviewed by Anna O'Brien

of Winchester Radio 

About the Compassionate Cuppa...

Part of being a Community Interest Company (CIC), involves having a board of Directors that share Compassionate Cuppa's vision to 'Feel Better, Live Life Well'.  This a big help towards helping Compassionate Cuppa CIC to achieve it's mission of improving the mental wellbeing for individuals through mentoring.  

Sonya Collins shares nearly all our social media posts of Compassionate Cuppa!  Together, we are advocates fighting to support individuals living with a disability.  Sonya runs DAIS CIC, which helps individuals with forms such as Personal Independence Payments and Personal Health Budgets.  Further information about DAIS can be found on

Kevin Jarvis is Compassionate Cuppa's business buddy! A man of great humour, he is been generous with his time and expertise.  Kevin also helps charities and other small businesses with their accounting requirements.  While Kev is boss, there is a team of them offering a range of services at

Tim Underwood has been with Compassionate Cuppa since the start, providing the design and much of Compassionate Cuppa's branding.  A close friend, Tim's advice has been invaluable.  Book design is Tim's main profession.

In addition, we have volunteers that are kindly helping us too.  We are very grateful to our volunteers who have expressed interest in helping out at Compassionate Cuppa CIC.  Here they are: 

My name is Emma Connor and I am currently in my final year at the University of Winchester studying Psychology. I am very passionate about spreading awareness of Compassionate Cuppa’s service so that those suffering with mental health get the help they require. I am volunteering with Compassionate Cuppa to promote their service via social media with the hope to connect potential clients with this service.

I’m Charlotte and I volunteer for Compassionate Cuppa. I am currently studying an undergraduate psychology degree at University of Winchester. I have two younger siblings and I enjoy reading, baking and painting in my spare time. I took part in the summer social innovation programme hosted by my university. I was part of team Compassionate Cuppa and at the end of the project, I offered to continue my volunteering. I enjoyed the experience and  look forward to continuing alongside other volunteers.

Our Named Benefactor in the Community is...

Board in the City CIC (BitC) is a board game cafe in Southampton.  Their activities are aimed around education and alleviating social isolation through creation and play.  Furthermore, they provide employment and training opportunities to those that otherwise may not be able to access due their circumstances.  More information on BitC can be found at

Our Close Connections are with...

Rotary Social Innovation was like finding our tribe, that set the path of our social enterprise journey.  The opportunities and connections with other social entrepreneurs has been invaluable.  We are so proud to be a member, that we have recommended other social entrepreneurs to join up, which they have!  More information about Rotary Social Innovation can be found on 

The Radian CREATE course has been excellent in anyone considering self-employment.  Those who complete the course can meet other members and access further support, networking and training.  More information is available at

We are based in Hampshire, it's a source of pride to be part of of this business network that has meetings in Southampton and online  Made in Hampshire Networking and Events can be found on Facebook.  This is such a welcoming and friendly group, certainly much recommended.  

We are a business for social good, therefore proud to display this badge, issued by Social Enterprise UK when Compassionate Cuppa became a Registered Community Interest Company (CIC).  More information can be found about our certification on

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