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What is mentoring and how do I benefit from it?

Where do the sessions take place?

Mentoring is about you having a trusted counsel to your situation.  We believe in listening to you.  Your concerns and needs matter.  There may be an educational element to it which helps you to gain new insights.


The practical support encourages you to face those first steps of positive change together.  For example, attending appointments to other organisations that you are involved with.  We could also participate in an activity that supports your wellbeing.

The initial session can take place on the phone or by video call.  Subsequent sessions can take place at your home or anywhere in the community at an agreed location within the area of Southampton, Eastleigh or Winchester.

What's the approach?

The approach will be tailored to your needs and preferences in terms of how much time is spent in conversation or doing an activity together.  Therefore each session is 1:1 with Ling. 

How long are the sessions and how many will I need?

The minimum time for each session is 90 minutes.  If you wish for us to participate in other activities in the community, it is likely that we will need longer time sessions.  Therefore we can offer 2 or 3 hour sessions to allow for the extra time required.  

Sessions are normally taken over regular intervals, for example on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Having consistent support regularly will bring the most benefit to you.


The number of sessions you take is entirely up to you.

Contact us to arrange a FREE initial session either by social media, phone or book online

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'Ling helped me through the worst of a severe depression.  She is a perceptive and attentive listener, patient, cheerful and highly professional.  I now feel I have new insights and coping skills if the depression returns, and someone who has really got my back'

Richard, Winchester

What is the cost for a session?


1 session

90 mins


1 session

2 hours


1 session

3 hours


1 session

2 hours

Each session is arranged in advance, the amount of time will be your choice according to your needs and preferences.  Payment of the session can be done online, by the end of the session or by agreed arrangements.


Block of

6 hours


Block of

12 hours

Blocks of multiple sessions can be purchased in advance, split in 2 or 3 hour sessions.  This option is more cost effective than single sessions. 

How about other costs?

During sessions, if you need us to drive you somewhere, we will charge 50p per mile in addition to the cost of the session.  Any other expenses (such as parking or fares) which are incurred to participate in any activity of your choosing is met by you.  We believe in being clear about the costs so there's an understanding of what costs need to be met in the course of using our service.

How can payments for sessions by made?

We can take payment by card, cash or via bank transfer (online) so the choice is yours.  If you prefer to receive an invoice, this can be requested and arranged.

How about a virtual cuppa?

The landscape of how we meet has changed with the concept of 'social distancing'.  Your mental health still has been adversely affected by what has happened in your life.  Having a Virtual Cuppa might the answer with Compassionate Cuppa.

We are able to offer mental health support sessions either on the phone or online via video call, even text messages if that is your preference. 


You decide the number of sessions you need.  The first session is free of charge.  Payment for subsequent sessions can be taken online.  Should you decide that you would like to purchase a block of multiple sessions, this can be arranged.  


1 Hour


We are also able to cater for organisations or businesses that would purchase the service for their employees or individuals they are connected to.  Please click here to find out more.

Please contact us if you wish to arrange your FREE initial session, or we can answer any questions you have about our service.

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