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If you run your own business or employ others in your organisation, did you know that stress related illnesses like anxiety and depression are the most likely reasons why people need time off from work?  With the current climate of emerging from lockdown, many individuals are feeling the adverse effects of social distancing, which will have an impact on their wellbeing.

People who experience mental health issues seldom discuss this with their employer until they either reach crisis point or have to be signed off work.  Even when someone is signed off, many small organisations won't necessarily have the resources to support that individual.  That person could be a key part of your workforce.  It could also be you that has become burnt out from running your own business. 

Compassionate Cuppa is able to offer mentoring services responsively, tailored to your business needs.  The mental wellbeing of those you are connected with will make a difference to how they contribute in their performance and activity.  This applies to you too.

Therefore, if you feel that Compassionate Cuppa can complement your business or organisation, please do get in touch.  We can then discuss options on how we can work together!

We proudly present...

We are an official Radian supplier!  Individuals have been referred to us by Radian who are a supporter of Compassionate Cuppa.  Tenants or people who are connected to Radian are able to benefit from mentoring through the referral process.  Therefore we are supporting Radian to meet their community strategy by working in partnership.  More information on Radian can be found on

'...I had been struggling with personal issues out of my control luckily Radian Housing stepped in to help and introduced me to Ling from Compassionate Cuppa.  As always, I was difficult to talk to to start with but out of all the professionals I've seen she really gets it... She really understands I can't thank these people enough...'

P.F from Southampton

Please contact us if you wish to discuss further how Compassionate Cuppa can help individuals in your business

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