The benefits of mentoring...

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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is about you having a trusted counsel to your situation.  Our sessions are 1:1, to listen and attend to your concerns and needs.  There may be an educational element to it which helps you to gain new insights.  With the learning, you decide what needs to happen to improve your wellbeing.

Our face-to-face sessions we also offer practical support to do together the first few steps of action.  Sometimes having that can make all the difference to guide you towards positive change.

Where do the sessions take place?

The initial session can take place on the phone or online.  Subsequent sessions can be online or face-to-face at an agreed location within the area of Southampton, Eastleigh or Winchester.

How long are the sessions and how many will I need?

For face-to-face sessions, our minimum time is 1.5 hours.  We offer longer sessions if practical support is required of 2 or 3 hours.  For online sessions, these are 1 hour.  

Sessions are normally taken over regular intervals, for example on a weekly or fortnightly basis.  Having consistent support regularly will bring the most benefit to you.


You can choose the length of each session, how regular and how many which may be dependent on your preference or circumstances.

Can I refer someone I know who would benefit from a Compassionate Cuppa?

Certainly, we are happy to receive referrals who wish to purchase the service on behalf of another individual.  The person referred needs to agree to work with Compassionate Cuppa for them to benefit. 

For face-to-face sessions, please refer to our COVID-19 Notice and Policy here 

Why not try it out with a FREE initial session online:

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'Ling helped me through the worst of a severe depression.  She is a perceptive and attentive listener, patient, cheerful and highly professional.  I now feel I have new insights and coping skills if the depression returns, and someone who has really got my back'

Richard, Winchester

Compassionate Cuppa for Business...

If you run your own business or employ others in your organisation, did you know that stress related illnesses like anxiety and depression are the most likely reasons why people need time off from work?  Currently, many individuals are feeling the effects of social distancing, which will have an adverse impact on their wellbeing and onward performance at work.

People who experience mental health issues seldom discuss this with their employer until they either reach crisis point or need to be signed off.  That person could be a key part of your workforce.  It could also be you that has become burnt out from running your own business

Therefore, if you feel that Compassionate Cuppa can support individuals in your organisation, please do get in touch.  We can then discuss options on how we can work together!

We are an official Radian supplier!  Individuals have been referred to us by Radian who are a supporter of Compassionate Cuppa.  Tenants or people who are connected to Radian are able to benefit from mentoring through the referral process.  Therefore we are supporting Radian to meet their community strategy by working in partnership.  More information on Radian can be found on

'...I had been struggling with personal issues out of my control luckily Radian Housing stepped in to help and introduced me to Ling from Compassionate Cuppa.  As always, I was difficult to talk to to start with but out of all the professionals I've seen she really gets it... She really understands I can't thank these people enough...'

P.F from Southampton

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