Acceptance - recognising things as they are

We can experience a lot of our emotional suffering from wanting something or someone to be different from the way they are. That want is an attachment – that connects us to the situation or person. Add to that: expectation – our expectation of change, of wanting the reality to conform to how we see things. If there's a big gap between our expectation and reality, it's often in the form of disappointment.

Dropping the judging and resisting may feel like we cease to care or aspire to standards. This is not the case. It is about recognising the situations where having an attachment does not serve us, particularly when it's not in our sphere to change it. It is what it is. The outcome is not of our choosing nor did we invite it. However, we can be less attached so that it mitigates our emotional suffering.

There is a certain freedom in letting go and accepting things to be as they are. We're choosing not to engage in something outside of our control or influence. We are choosing different. We are being compassionate to ourselves, as well as applying that compassion towards the people around us. This practice can be very liberating as well as helpful in our lives.

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