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COVID-19, the outbreak which all of us has heard about. The fear of infection has resulted in much panic buying in bulk of certain essential items, resulting in shops being in short supply. There's now not enough for everyone, including some who are vulnerable. That vulnerable person going without could be someone you know. It is certain that COVID-19 will change how all of us conduct our lives from 'normal'; there is much uncertainty in how we will manage in terms of the activities in work or leisure. The impact will be huge in severity in the months ahead.

However, while the situation has been anxiety provoking for many, there's been stories of how people have offered to help those that require a bit more help in their neighbourhood. Particularly to those that need to self-isolate. Communities coming together to help those that need items brought to them, or being in contact through phone calls, text or even video. The self-isolation should be called physical distancing as opposed to social distancing – because whilst in physical isolation, remote social contact will be vitally important during this period.

Sadly, there will be many more fatalities to COVID-19 during this pandemic. While we can perform the actions of regular hand hygiene as the best protection, our actions in the form of community spirit will make a big difference too. We are all in this together. Let's spread it with compassion and kindness!

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