Compassion: One Size fits All

Most people have heard of the term fat-shaming, where people are made to feel shameful due to the perceived notions of others regarding their size. Unsolicited comments, often posted freely online without ever needing to look that person in the eye. Whilst we have the right to articulate our views (within reason), do we also have a responsibility to think about the impact of such words may have on others?

Fat-shaming does little to help anyone regarded as 'on the large side'. People are people – every single one of us has feelings. No one can tell by looking at an image of a person what they are feeling: whether they feel good about themselves or what is going on in their lives. That can be damaging to someone's body image when they are targeted just because of the way they look. In other words, fat-shaming is another form of discriminatory bullying – which should be called out.

Beauty, it is often said, is more than skin deep. Being beautiful is more than just how you look; it is also how you behave and treat others. Therefore, every person can be beautiful regardless of their size. Show beauty by being compassionate – to everyone! Love not hate is the way forward...

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