Failures are potential successes in the making...

What is success and does it mean to you? The signs of success will certainly mean different things to different people, whether it’s in relationships or career, being able to have the financial means to buy lots of stuff. We are all geared towards achievement in your lives – it’s important to have inspirations and goals in life. Success though, is like a recipe, with ingredients and fine tuning. The so called winning combination would have arisen from perhaps many setbacks along the way.

There are times where we might be on the cusp of a successful outcome, yet not know it. Hence we need to keep our persistence and focus to our purpose. If we keep learning and trying, we have done what we can towards that aim. Of course, there are no guarantees. There may be many factors that play outside of our control that affect the outcome we desire. We need to also embrace the failures we experience in life, as they are lessons towards success yet to happen. The possibility of success cannot happen if we decide to give up completely.

Living life well is the same. We need not be fearful of failure, which can prevent us from ever making a start. When we make a start, we are making progress. Even when we fail, we still gained something in the process. The potential for success is still there, always.

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