Finding flexibility in our minds…

While we are given a wealth of information around physical activity and it’s benefits to our wellbeing, how often do you hear about flexing your mind as much as your body? Probably not as often, partly because mental health still hasn’t got the same parity as physical health. Yet, without mental health there is no health. Our minds are separate to the events that happen externally. The aspects of how we think and believe will certainly make a difference to how we feel and our wellbeing.

Mindfulness encourages us to remain in the present, because this is the only moment in time where we have control. When our past or future is of dominance, we can lose sight of what we can do now. What is it that we can truly connect with, that we really value? Clarity and connection to our purpose takes time to cultivate, starting from our minds. We are not our thoughts or feelings though. We can feel challenged by a thought or how we feel. However, we also can decide how much we get involved with them. This is often referred to as cognitive fusion. The experience will soon pass, whatever it is.

Do we our minds to take us to places of inaction, impulsivity or avoidance? When we are seeking protection, we might just react by default. Some coping strategies might bring about unintended consequences later in time. We might not be thinking about this when we initially react. If we can take a compassionate and validating stance, we are more likely to respond mindfully that is self-serving. This can help others too in meeting their needs.

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