Finding resilience...

There are times in our life, we can hit adversity and literally our World is turned upside down from how we knew it. We might have support rallying around us – friends, family or services that provide help, but certainly there are times where no one is available. The people we might have turned to for help have let us down or hurt us further. There's probably few of us that hasn't experienced something 'bad' in our lives, so can relate to the experience of how hard life can be.

When it happens, it's OK. It's OK not to be OK too. It's OK if we feel angry, hurt or a sense of loss as a result of what happened. We might not have had any control over what happened and wished that it never occurred. If it means taking time out, to retreat and recover, so be it. When stuff happens, it often means that we need to make changes too. It's seldom that our mindset or mental outlook is unaltered during or after a period of adversity.

We can choose whether we to give up or persist in the face of adversity. It isn't the case of 'positive-thinking' that will make everything fine. When you keep going, you are learning and coping in spite of your difficult experiences. You allow yourself to hope - the opportunity and possibility to develop. Know that you did your best, with the resources you had at that given point in time. This is self-compassion, that sets a more self-encouraging tone that values your progress and efforts.

You set the limits regarding your self-belief – if you say you can or you can't... You are right!

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