Finding Sanctuary...

Keeping safe at home whilst can save lives, we also need to protect our mental wellbeing during this time. When we are feeling unsettled, stressed and anxious we need to develop our abilities to self-soothe as part of our self-care. This helps us to find a sense of calm in a frantic world. That is not only helping us, the household are likely to benefit as well as the calmness spreads.

What things in your life bring you a sense of comfort? Connect with them, take the time to notice if you can. It may surprise you that they can come from the smallest actions or things. Listening to soothing music, hugs, touching things that are soft or velvety. Applying some hand cream, enjoying food, engaging in enjoyable activity can really help to self-soothe. Breathing rhythmically (same pace in and out) whilst focusing in the breath is also soothing, if done regularly. Sometimes, we might just need to rest in our pyjamas, and just be.

Consider where your energy is going. Our energy flows into wherever we put our attention to. There are times where we need to attend to things that challenge us. Being able to self-soothe will help during and after the times of stress, as we build our resilience and allow ourselves to recover.

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