Friendship for life?

Our friends can be the most nourishing relationships in our lives, helping us thrive. The things we share with friends - music, food, wine and even secrets can contribute to the richness of our experiences. The value of our close friendships, probably the crucial ingredients to our sense of wellbeing and happiness. When the road in life becomes bumpy, there is nothing like having a supportive friend for guidance... They can be your counsel, provide reassurance - just their presence can make all the difference.

Sometimes, we let important friendships lapse - with other commitments such as career or family vying for our time. Without realising we haven't make contact from one month to the next. The longer the break in contact, the harder it is to re-establish it. Some friendships can survive long breaks. However, most friendships require effort for a level of closeness to be maintained.

Think of your peer group. Who do you consider are your close friends? Let them know how you appreciate their friendship, that they mean a lot to you. It feels good to give people compliments. Go on - you might make their day brighter too!

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