Glass Half...

That analogy – whether you see a glass half-full or half-empty is often quoted to determine in the optimist-pessimist trait that we might err towards. While the analogy is simple, does how expose how we see things differently – both answers are 'right' or valid. We could choose another descriptor that we feel is more befitting – well it's cool to be 'fluid'! Without giving people labels of whether they are optimist-pessimist, the role of hope – how it might affect our wellbeing is an interesting point to note.

Having hope plays an important part in life, particularly when you are seeking a different outcome. The sense of hope is also about opportunity - being open to what might seem impossible to occur. Hope can help motivate us to keep trying in spite of adversity. Hope can also play a reassuring role, helping us self-sooth that things will work out even if things go wrong. Plus, even if the hoped for outcome doesn't transpire, just that journey in being hopeful usually feels happier than expecting the worst.

Sometimes entering into a New Year will help us reflect upon the year that's past... While January is often experienced as 'the most depressing month', a New Year can be an opportunity to have renewed hope. Therefore, we wish everyone not only a Happy New Year, but also a hopeful one.

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