Happy Hacks for your wellbeing!

All of us would like to be happy, right? From a physiological perceptive, there are certain chemicals or hormones that can help trigger a sense of happiness. A brief knowledge of what those are and how they benefit can help us cultivate more happiness into our lives.

Dopamine – The Reward Chemical

When we achieve or complete something, it can give us a sense of reward. When we celebrate those little wins, this helps bring a sense of accomplishment. Eating food we really enjoy and helping others can also give us a dopamine hit.

Oxytocin – The Love Hormone

A hug, holding hands can help trigger a sense of warmth and connection. It works also with animals, particularly those that you can stroke which can be quite soothing. Giving or receiving compliments can help others and you to feel good.

Serotonin – The Mood Stabilizer

The actions that can affect our mood and the fluctuations in our mood can make a big difference. Being in nature, exposing yourself to the sun, moving or doing exercise that you enjoy will give you some uplift. Regular meditation too helps you calm your mind.

Endorphin – The Pain Minimiser

Anything that makes me laugh is an effective antidote to pain. Exercise again helps release endorphins. Aromatherapy or using essential oils can be beneficial is our sense of smell can help alleviate pain. Eating dark chocolate can also help.

It is therefore through our actions that we feel good as a side effect. Happiness chemicals wear off, regular practice of different activities is best. What our your happiness habits?

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