Kindness to Earth...

Few of us are unaware of how our actions unintentionally are causing harm to the environment and living beings. Plastic is a fine example – much of it is non-biogradable that has permeated into most areas of our lives. Once our use of it is expended, we throw it away... What does that actually mean? Most of it ends up in landfill, polluting the ocean and killing sea-life or perhaps incinerated which emits carbon emissions into the air. We made the problem. Therefore it's our responsibility to find the solutions.

All types of resources are valuable – be it clean water and air, energy and materials. The cases for conserving and recycling are therefore strong. A more sustainable approach towards is required over what can be used that bit longer, what can be repaired. There are things we can all do to reduce our carbon footprint, such as avoiding food waste or using renewable energies. From an individual perspective, each tiny action may have little impact. However, the collective effort of everyone 'being more green' will make a difference.

Earth is the only planet that we can inhabit (so far). If we trash it up – we are not only hurting ourselves. We are leaving a burden for our future generations can could suffer as a result of our polluting ways. While we may never be able to recover fully the damage we have caused so far, we can try to make good moving forward. Make a start – to save our Earth. Make one change for humankind.

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