Mental Health Awareness Week – Spotlight

The subject of our wellbeing is more pressing than it ever has been due to the current circumstances that we are living in. COVID 19, the risks around catching this disease and it’s consequences are very real. The changes and the long-term effects to our wellbeing as a result of lockdown cannot be understated. During this time, some of us have endured isolation like we have never done before, particularly if we live alone. We no longer share hugs or socialise outside our household. Video calls and face-time go a little way towards connection with others, but is no substitute. The isolation for some has lead to a sharp downturn in their wellbeing. Existing is not the same as feeling alive.

Certainly there are more people that are experiencing concerns with their mental health due to the pandemic. Most have had their lives severely disrupted – mostly adversely and it’s stressful. The uncertainty around when the restrictions will end, when we might be able to resume some form of normality can add to the sense of depression and anxiety. It is normal though to experience distress as a result of adverse situation, as it is to feel a fluctuation of feelings. That feeling of feeling OK one minute, then not in control or upset the next will resonate with many. With the weeks turning into months, some of us will have adjusted to the changes and maintain our wellbeing.

However, if you have a mental illness, you may feel that it is unsafe to seek out help or support. Alternatively, you might believe that services are not available due to the COVID effort. While the service provision in how they offer help might have changed, it is still available. It is better to reach out then to suffer in silence. There is only one you. Every mind matters, even if your mind might not be feeling that right now. Recovery is always possible, however it takes you to take that first step. Reach out and ask for help. Even if it’s from one person, that connection could make all the difference.

The message in the graphic is clear – stay well, ask for help, save lives. Your mental health and wellbeing is a priority. You matter.

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