Perfectionism – Friend or Foe?

We all probably know of a perfectionist amongst us – the one that seemingly is more exacting, devoted to the higher standards or nothing can seem right unless they have had a hand in making it so. The concept of striving towards a particular outcome or vision is very commendable; it's seldom that we develop and grow as individuals if we don't seek beyond what has already been achieved. However, pursuing perfection at all costs is a fallacy – because in a lot of ways perfection is not possible or doesn't exist. Imperfections in life happen – that is the real world.

There is plenty of research this exists that show how the perfectionist trait can predispose us to being less happy, which in turn can have an adverse affect on our wellbeing. The constant striving towards perfection not only exhausting at times, also breeds a culture of dissatisfaction from within. There's a lack of recognition towards progress towards a certain goal. This is from not being able to accept anything less than perfect.

Therefore, learn to embrace some imperfections in life – they can be gifts to your personal growth and acceptance. Being less perfectionist doesn't make you less perfect! Know that you did your best, with the time and resources you have at the present point in time.

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