Racial Equality is a Wellbeing Issue

When we are born, we don’t get to choose where that happens or what is our ethical origin or race. Yet that very combination determines whether we are seen as a ethnic minority. Those who do live their lives in that minority or seen as a different race often up experiencing prejudice and discrimination. Starting from school right through to adulthood, ethnic minorities are subjected to the derogatory comments and actions associated to their skin colour.

The denial of opportunities – whether it’s a job or university application due to racial preferences while is supposedly unlawful, it still happens. Discrimination and racism is not always overt, in fact a lot of it can be subtle or implied, thus hard to prove. BAME individuals are more likely to be stopped by the Police. Punishments from the criminal justice system are far harsher for individuals of BAME.

If your ethnic origin puts you at disadvantage, this can have adverse effects on your self-esteem and how you strive in life. When your voice isn’t heard on the basis of your race, you can feel persecuted by society as if your life doesn’t matter. Your wellbeing is determined by many things, but whether you experience racism shouldn’t be one of them. Racism harms – too many lives have been murdered even. It’s got to stop.

When all BAME people are valued, then all lives will matter. The lesson is simple. Stand up against racism, stand for inclusion. Racial equality needs to start now.

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