Rejuvenate with Rest...

Image by Pepper Mint from Pixabay

In the frantic way we live our modern lives, we often prioritise activity over rest. We might even realise it's importance – but there's always something else that we need to do first. Finally, when we get the opportunity, rest might even elude us because we feel guilty... Perhaps it feels self-indulgent to rest when we haven't quite achieved everything we set out in the day, or when others are still working? Somehow, we have fallen into the mindset that rest should be earned like a reward. Rest is essential to all things, not just the living ones...

In dance, theatre or music, the role of pauses (or rest) are instrumental to the performance. Likewise in art: such as a painting, there is a play of movement between movement and rest, activity and stillness. The fine balance between the two brings a true quality to how we experience what is happening around us.

During rest, we can gain good insight and perspective regarding our situation. Sometimes, the best ideas arise from when we are resting. Therefore, rest can help us rejuvenate our minds. Our bodies also needs this time to repair and regroup, before we exert ourselves with the activities required of us in our lives. By valuing rest as much as activity, we can optimise how we perform in life. Make a sanctuary in getting enough rest – your wellbeing will Thank You for it!

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