Solidarity for Women!

This blog post relates to International Women's Day (8thMarch). We marked it by holding a Compassionate Cuppa stall at Vie Portland's 'Phenomenal Women!' event. Vie works with young people to boost their self esteem and body image. Find out more at We are happy to lend our support towards organisations that share our passion for improved wellbeing, therefore give thanks to Vie for asking us to be involved on this special day.

The event had clearly a female-focus with phenomenal women speaking of their stories – overcoming adversity, the obstacles they faced to achieve great things. Life can still be joyful if your mind is open to the possibility; your mindset can make a big difference to how you deal with the challenge of living. Sometimes, things in your life will force a change even when you don't want or expect it to. Survival and thriving through difficulty requires fight, courage and determination to see things through.

Women have had to traditionally fight for recognition, equal rights and opportunities in many areas of society due to gender bias. The issues around how women are perceived in certain groups and contexts are still prevalent today. What a woman looks like, what she wears, her opinions or achievements are more often than not unfavourably scrutinised, sometimes purely due to gender. There's still a long way to go before we are #EachforEqual.

We recognise and celebrate Women's Rights – because equality for Women is progress for all.

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