Sound Remedy

Whatever our musical tastes, for most of us certain songs or musical pieces can 'take us back' to a period in our lives – either evoking pleasant memories or times that are best left in the past! There is plenty of research that advocates the benefits of how listening to music improves our memory, awareness and can bring about a change to our mood. Music therapy may be used to help an individual work through their trauma in the past: healing through sound where words may be too difficult to articulate.

Music also has the ability to help us connect – so it's not just with listening, it could also be through the actions of singing, dance or playing a musical instrument. These artful expressions can make people feel good about themselves, building mastery in each activity. When people perform to an audience, the experience is further extended. The beauty of music is that it can be collectively enjoyed and performances can lead to people feeling literally moved from within from what they see and hear.

Being in tune with the music often means letting go of being self-conscious or performance anxiety. Music is readily accessible to most, that can really help us find that place reassurance and calm when we need it. Build your library of music that you enjoy listening to – make it your musical sanctuary.

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