Spread the Kindness

Sometimes, the World seems to be a less kind place to be on – many of the problems are a result of what we, as humans do. To the planet, animals, the words and actions we do to each other. However, from a place of kindness, we might be able to start the process of repair and maybe make amends. Kindness is not only great for others, we can direct some of it towards ourselves too.

We can accomplish many positive things from kindness. We can clear up misunderstandings, build respect and trust in societies. We can foster some tolerance towards others, to agree to disagree without condemning or judgemental in the differences in opinion. Being kind is like a mirror – by reflecting kindness it is more likely to be reflected back. Even if your kindness isn't reciprocated, you can still be kind. Forgiving is a form of kindness.

Therefore think about the acts of kindness that we can do in our lives. Some random gestures - big or small, might make someone's day or make a difference to a lot of people. People might not remember what you did. However, people will remember your kindness. Therefore being kind is a force for good. Showing kindness to everyone not only helps them, it helps you too.

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