Swimming for Wellbeing…

Yesterday, indoor swimming pools have been given the go-ahead to re-open in the UK! Prior to lockdown, more people were swimming as form of exercise more than running and cycling put together. Therefore, the return of swimming pools is a much welcomed move to help the nation keep up their fitness levels. It is also crucial that swimming pools are available for those that wish to learn to swim. Swimming isn’t just a form of exercise; it’s a life skill. Being able to swim can prevent drowning, but also opens up the opportunity to learn other watersports too.

Exercising in water can be really supportive for some people with mobility issues. It is less weight bearing and less impact on your joints. The water also feels immersive, can have a soothing or calming effect. When you swim, it’s quite easy to set aside everything else in your life. Therefore you can be present and just enjoy it. Water also has a resistive effect, so you burn more calories exercising when compared with the same action on dry land. This can only be a good thing if we stand any chance in tackling obesity or being overweight.

The benefits of swimming can be felt irrespective of where you swim. Some people love swimming outdoors, combining the exercise with being in nature. The flow of the water certainly is different in the sea or river, with the sound and movement you feel more sensation. Plus being outdoors, you can be exposed to wind and sun as well. Many of us may not been swimming for months. Why not plan to go somewhere for a swim?

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