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Our lives are becoming increasingly more and more entwined online – the way that we access services on websites, using apps or streaming content on mobile phones. This increased 'screen time' can be a fair chunk of our awakening hours! The blue ultraviolet light emitted from screens provide stimulation to our brains that can have detrimental effects on getting to sleep and sleep quality. Connecting with nature counteracts the effects of screen time, as well as increasing a sense of well being.

Even just taking 15 minutes out to walk in a garden or wooded area can be beneficial... If you like seeing water, then perhaps near a river or the sea. The sound of flowing water can be soothing. Feeling the warmth of the sun, or noticing the sounds and smells around. Are there any animals or insects? Take this walk quietly observing as you immerse yourself in this experience. The connection with nature will help rejuvenate your senses, bringing about a fresh awareness of your surroundings.

When we are in awe, we are in the moment. We appreciate what is here and now. Often, these occur during our admiration of beauty or action amongst nature. Where would you go to experience this?

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