The Art of Listening...

… Is more than just words when someone 'hears' you. The essence of feeling heard infers a level of understanding from the listener. Feeling understood – Ah, doesn't that feel great! That's a whole new level, where we know that someone has truly listened and engaged in what we are talking about. Listening helps cultivate good rapport in relationships; building upon hearing with a level of acceptance of what's been said. There are times too, to listen to the omissions – when you know someone well, sometimes what they leave out also speaks volumes.

A true listener is present with the other person – undivided attention, with very little distractions. That's a rare sight in the busy, modern times we live in, where multi-tasking and many things that can pull that attention. Listening is not only sacred, it's become scarce...

How often do we allow ourselves that safe space where we can truly be... Knowing that we will be listened to, accepted without judgement or our opinions, emotions or behaviour? Sometimes, it really is 'a problem shared, a problem halved'; a skilled listener can help explore the possible. How would you use such a space?

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