The Arts – Creation and Connection for our Wellbeing

An outpouring of creation and artistic expression has occurred during this turbulent time, like no other. People who may have never thought themselves as being creative or artistic have either started up or returned to engaging with a form of artistry. Those who are already engaged in this area may have had to adapt their art, the results of which may be altered. How we present and share our creations have certainly changed. We might be baking more, sewing more, crafting more. There are so many different ways which the arts represent, all of them have benefits to your wellbeing.

At a time where our social connections are fundamental, the arts can help increase social cohesion through the sense of belonging. For example, there’s a virtual youth orchestra that’s been set up. The different musical artists are performing the same piece of music and filmed. All the clips are submitted and edited into a video where they are all playing together. The videos have gone viral – an amazing result! The musicians have gained from co-operation, connection through their music with others and enjoyed playing as well. Many people have enjoyed listening, which has brought further joy into peoples lives.

Think of the many pictures of rainbows that children have drawn and down the country. There’s likely will be one displayed on a window somewhere not far from your home. The drawing or colouring would have provided a source of distraction and enjoyment in it’s making. The sense of accomplishment when they finished the drawing. Yet there’s more. It’s also helped to promote and encourage a socially responsible message. Rainbows became the symbol of hope, whilst staying at home to protect the NHS. All from a drawing – also carrying the message of thank you.

Research has found that you don’t need to be good at doing the arts to derive a higher level of self-esteem from it. Even reading for pleasure. The important thing is to enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy. So go ahead – knowing that your wellbeing will benefit!

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