The Power of Inspiration

Captain Tom Moore. A very special man with a meaningful cause of raising £1000 for the NHS. He had pledged to walk lengths in his garden. He was days away from his 100th birthday, so wouldn’t it be great if he was able to reach his target? Once the word had got out, the story had caught the hearts and minds of the nation. The crowdfund has raised millions of pounds and continues to rise. Furthermore, Captain Tom Moore has contributed to the recording of the charity song ‘You’ll never walk alone’ with Michael Ball. This is topping the charts – what a wonderful way to reach 100! It’s a lovely story, and Captain Tom Moore is an inspiration to us all.

Inspiration is the power of connection – connecting what you see elsewhere that gives you the basis of your onward actions. The connection is about something you deeply value or means a lot to you. People are often a strong source of inspiration; you admire something about them or what they are doing. Where you find inspiration can be from anywhere – from nature or animals, places where any of your senses that connects to an idea. From the seed of an idea, you gravitate towards what’s possible to do or be in your world. Those possibilities are endless.

Changes can often be inspired by times of adversity, where solutions are called for. Just as in Captain Tom Moore’s case, the pandemic had inspired him to fundraise. It also feels good when we are inspired. Each of us can be inspired towards action for good, either for ourselves, for others or towards a meaningful cause. Who or what inspires you? Your resulting actions big or small, you never know where it might lead to. In turn, your actions can help inspire others to make further changes for good...

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