The Power of Pets...

Many people would attest to how important their pets are in their lives – much loved and are as important as family (possibly more!). Pets have been for some people their ultimate companion, soulmate or lifesaver. In spite of the hardships or adversity that we can go through in life, our pets are there for us: giving us love and affection without judgement on how we are, how we're dressed... Most pets are happy to be around us, even when we might not be feeling our best.

When we interact when our pets, (particularly the cuddly ones!) its very soothing and comforting. We connect and bond. We also observe whatever antics they get up to. We watch, sometimes laugh and share what they do with others. For those moments, we are present with them. Many a times where people have said that their pet has seen them through 'thick and thin'. Having a pet that needs you to look after them is a massive factor in having the resolve to carry on when times are tough. They look after you too – never letting on your secrets or complain about you.

Spend some time having fun with pets or animals. They can be at times, less trying and more rewarding than human company!

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