The powerful gateway – Thinking and thoughts

We have an infinite number of thoughts, probably only a small proportion of them that is in our awareness. Every single day. How many of those thoughts do we pay attention to? Our thoughts can make up of different descriptions: mixtures of what we see or feel, reflections of the past or aspirations of the future. We might align our thoughts with things that are either true or with evidence. Facts are more rigid or permanent, but that isn’t necessarily the case with our thoughts. If we are able to cultivate more flexibility in our thinking, then this will bring benefits to our wellbeing.

How we shape our thoughts has a bearing on our experiences. Events that happen external from us are neutral. It is our interpretation of such an event – whether we think of it as adverse or pleasurable, which in turn shapes what we think and how we feel. If the thought is something about ourselves, do we notice what we saying? When we think badly of ourselves, we often accept it without question. Yet, if we challenge those thoughts we might get to assess what we believe, what is really true. Sometimes, the evidence is just not there to support our way of thinking.

There can be so much power in our thought. Our imagination for example, can take us to wonderful places that may not even exist in the real world. The seed from thought can result in action and creation, bringing about either outcomes or changes. Energy will flow where our attention goes. At times, we might not be able to control our thoughts. We can though, be aware of them and where they are taking us. Thoughts come and go, whatever they are. Know that our thoughts cannot harm us. Know that you are OK.

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