The voice of your mind…

Every single day we are thinking. We try to use our minds to arrange external things outside of us to fit our view. When things are not working according to what we expect or believe should happen, it can lead to a lot of upset or conflict for us. If there’s no response at all from what we put in, it can be really disheartening. We are triggered – which is where it gets so much more emotional. It’s personal too, because when that happens we have placed our ego into getting involved with those thoughts.

You are the one that hears the voice of the mind. However, you are not your thoughts. The realisation of this is very powerful, because you can therefore choose the level of involvement in your thinking. When people remark they’ve been over-thinking, this is the moment they realise that has occurred. If the mind is troubled, there is a tendency of trying to fix it by changing things on the outside. Not everything externally can be fixed. The approach to our thoughts though is always available.

Try putting some distance between you and what you think. Do something different that disrupts your thinking. You can be still connected, but you are less attached. This can reduce your suffering and happen in an instant. Can your experience of reality be altered from shifting your mindset? Give it a try and find out…

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