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Recently, Compassionate Cuppa passed it’s first anniversary. We’ve been asked on many occasions about our ‘Why’ - why we chose to do what we do, what are we trying to achieve. This question of the why forms the essence of our intentions and actions. The why can be applied not only in business – it applies to people and individuals as well. It is the driver of your journey, explains what matters to you, what you value.

What makes us all motivated enough to get out of bed each morning? We can value different things and that’s OK. Many values though, can be either intrinsic or extrinsic. The extrinsic is about doing things not because you actually want to do them, but for the reward in return, such as money or superior status. Intrinsic is where you do something because for the value in itself, the love or joy that isn’t necessarily connected to the outward or tangible benefit. While both types of values are rivals, they are in all of us. Few of us will be driven solely by one or the other.

When you live out your intrinsic intentions, research has proven that this will help with feeling significantly happier, more satisfied and fulfilled. Extrinsic intentions on the other hand, can make you more anxious and depressed. This is because most extrinsic values are based around materialism and external comparisons. There will always be more stuff or someone who is more. What then? However, what we truly need is connection, which are what intrinsic values seek to serve.

Improve your wellbeing by connecting to your authentic purpose. Even when you miss certain goals, you will always meet what you value through your intrinsic actions.

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