When will my Depression lift?

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If you are suffering from depression, you would want to know the answer to this question. Depression, often described as the absence of hope where the colour in your life has drained away and getting through the day can feel tortuous. You often cannot think straight in depression, with many negative thoughts and emotions. The intensity of depression and levels of impairment will vary. Some people are able to maintain a level of functioning. Others can become so unwell that their life might be in danger. Please seek further help or support if you do feel suicidal.

The honest answer is that there is no definitive time period for a depressive episode to lift. There are many factors that will affect the rate of recovery for an individual, for example their support networks, whether they have other illnesses, medication and that individual’s ability to help themselves. Often, people in depression can feel that they don’t have the ability to effect the change that they so desire. When you are in it, you just want the depression to go away, right? Depression will have seldom occurred overnight. It will take time to find out what the re-adjustments you need to make before the depression lifts.

The opportunity of recovery is always there, even if you cannot feel it right now. Depression can separate you from others, keeping you depressed. You might even push people away, not wanting to burden those that you care about with something so awful. Where you can, keep the company of those that are supportive and understanding. Fight depression together. We are also here for you. Contact us for mental health support.

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