Where is your fear taking you?

There are many things or situations in life that can cause us to feel fear. The fear though, is a response from how we experience or interpret those situations. Sometimes, those reactions are spontaneous in that we do it without thinking. The sign of fear can serve as protection mechanism, particularly from things that could cause us harm or put our survival in jeopardy. Only problem is, our brains can interpret perceived threats in exactly the same way. If we are constantly feeling as though we are under threat, it can adversely affect our mental health and predispose us towards mental illness.

The fear of not being liked or getting it wrong are completely understandable. If your livelihood or an important relationship is under threat, it’s natural to feel fearful. Avoidance of fear doesn’t make it go away. In fact, the level of fear left unattended will only increase over time. Accept the fear is there. Address what you can do, let go of the rest. Fear, while uncomfortable will subside, as the brain gradually learns the threat isn’t real. If you allow it. Even in panic, our thoughts and feelings cannot harm us.

Use self compassion as a antidote to help soothe and restore the calmness in your mind. You are acting with great courage. If fear is holding you down, it can also be the powerful force that can raise you back up. You just need to be willing to face the ascent.

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