Will social anxiety ever go away?

If you have a long-term and overwhelming fear of social situations, then it is likely that you have a social phobia or anxiety issue. The condition is a very common one, though the effects of it are very far reaching. Your self-esteem and confidence are adversely affected, you feel that people are watching or judging you all the time. The levels of worry and stress attached to these situations – before, during and after makes life very debilitating. You might even fear of having a panic attack, therefore would adopt a large amount of avoidance to ensure that doesn’t happen.

Social anxiety or phobia can certainly be overcome, though often it will take an exploration of what your feelings, behaviours and symptoms are in relation to your particular triggers. The thoughts that you are telling yourself is important, because it is this that drives your feelings, symptoms and onward behaviour. Your previous experiences may also play a part in how you shape your present and future. Eventually, you will need confront those situations that you most fear. While this may not be a pleasant process initially, recovery is possible with courage and reassurance.

Compassionate Cuppa can be your guide, as it is helpful to have someone who understands you by your side. We offer both emotional and practical support for your emotional wellbeing. Be supported your way with Compassionate Cuppa.

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