Your true passions ...

Whether it is popular or obscure, the things that 'fire our belly' help define what matters to us most. We can find them in activity – playing sports or a musical instrument; doing something creative such as artistry or craft. Our interests could also be amongst people and places, particularly those that evoke positive memories of previous experiences. When we engage with our passions, we simply light up – immersed in enjoying the moment.

If we are in a bad place emotionally, our connection with our passions can become severed, because it requires energy which we might not have the resources or inclination to expend. However, our passions can also provide us 'breathing space' from emotional torment: a sanctuary. If there is any chance of experiencing good vibes, it's here. Doing more of what we enjoy can eventually lead us from the darkness to sunnier climbs, as we get closer to living life true to ourselves.

Therefore, honour your passions by ensuring that you make time regularly for them... You are likely to gain mastery (skills or knowledge) at what you enjoy, which feeds your sense of achievement and purpose. You only have one life – give drudgery a nudge and live life with some excitement!

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